“one of the smoothest and most beautiful opera voices the show has ever seen…More polished than Jackie Evancho and, we think, more in control even than Susan Boyle's initial audition…” – Jason Hughes, aoltv.com


“…when she began to sing, she revealed a full, rich pop opera voice.” – WSJ Staff, blogs.wsj.com


"When she opened her mouth it sounded like heaven was literally housed inside of it. She had the most beautiful operatic voice. It was so pure and on pitch that it would give Susan Boyle a run for her money. We couldn't help but be reminded of an older version of Jackie Evancho. " - Kristin Watson, sheknows.com


“…we had no idea what to expect her voice to sound like — but rest assured it's INCREDIBLE!... prepare to be wowed!” – Perez Hilton, perezhilton.com


“Cindy's operatic voice is gorgeous.” – Lindsay Mannering, thestir.cafemom.com



“…she beautifully belted out Puccini's aria, proving completely wrong her parents, teachers and any former naysayers…” – Clara Kim, newsfeed.time.com


“Amazes America’s Got Talent audience and judges…as Piers gave her a standing ovation.” –business2businesscommunity.com


“…wowed the audience, in the auditorium and at home, with her gorgeous rendition of ‘O Mio Babbino Caro.’” –Huffington Post


“…she adequately backed things up with a stellar version of the Puccini aria “O mio babbino caro,” cute little snort and all.” – Emily Exton, popdust.com


“Cindy Chang cracked the audience up when she did a snort-laugh before singing, but sing she did… Chang crushed the audition and brought the judges to her feet.”  - dailykimchi.com


 “It was so nice to hear her sing so purely and from her heart. You can tell that this is not just something she is doing for money, but rather she is trying to live out her dream. I think that there is also a great message in her story, and that message is to not let anyone stop you from following your dreams.” – jayswag.com

“…she’s an inspiration for sticking to her dreams. With lots of smiles and giggles.” – Jorge Rivas, colorlines.com

"As soon as Cindy started singing, the room got quiet. She was wonderful! All of a sudden they started to cheer as we even saw Piers Morgan mouth the word "Wow." Nick Cannon said, "That is talent...Piers told her she is the type of person this show is about finding." – Mandy Robinson, examiner.com

"she closed her eyes, gathered herself, and began to sing. The audience, including me watching at home, was stunned, because her operative voice is amazing, rich and sure and distinctive...People rose to their feet, including tough judge Piers Morgan, who said her parents hopefully now know they made a mistake."   – Leslie Ayres, work.lifegoesstrong.com

Photo: Monica Lau, Walk/Humbly Photography


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